Arm & Thigh Trimmer

BURN MORE CALORIES with slimming bands which effectively insulate and raise the temperature in the arm and thigh muscles thereby increasing the heart rate, which in turn results in more calories burned; the most visible effect of this is increased sweat around the limbs
IMPROVED MUSCLE stability through mild compression, reduces excessive motion & energy leaks during kinetic loading, and results in fewer muscle injuries from cool downs between weight sets, drills, or exercise routines; suitable for indoor or outdoor use
EASY TO WEAR bands feature tactile anti-slip grid surface along the internal lining, keeping them in place during either weight sets or cardio routines such as jogging, running, or cycling; does not inhibit regular motion – always wear directly against the skin
QUALITY FIRST design philosophy with superior-grip hook & loop straps, and soft neoprene which is odorless & completely non-toxic
UNISEX DESIGN is intuitive, easily adjustable, and fits a broad range of body shapes